Masta Ace, Wordsworth, Punch & Stricklin Make A Complex Metaphoric EMC Joint (Audio)

Masta Ace is a true master of metaphor. Since his days as the “music man” in the Juice Crew, the Brownsville, Brooklyn MC has evolved into an artist that critics and fans could never pin down—introspective one minute, braggy the next, Jeep music here, and sweet Soul there. When Ace is with his EMC cohorts, which include Stricklin and Punch & Words, the level of MC’ing is supreme. For “Spun A Web,” the guys get a Coldplay-inspired backdrop to talk about life’s okie-dokes… whether the industry, alluring sexual partners, and more. As you listen, see if you can spot some of the metaphors from four rhyme vets who recently inked paperwork with the relaunched Penalty Records imprint.


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