You Think You’ve Heard All The Versions Of Nas’ It Ain’t To Tell? Think Again (Audio)

Next week’s release of Illmatic XX, a compilation re-releasing Nas’ 1994 debut album with some additional freestyles, remixes, and songs recorded during the 1992-1994 sessions which missed the initial Columbia/Sony/RuffHouse release is gearing up. Some Heads, who had bootlegs, mixtapes, and a savvy Internet finger may claim they’ve heard everything. The album includes the remixed version of “It Ain’t Hard To Tell,” which appeared on the 12″ in the day, and is now coming to CD. Produced by the same man who laced the album version, Large Professor, some Heads with heavy crates may wave that off.

However, The Creators “Laid Back” remix of “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” isn’t so widely available. The production duo remained active in Hip-Hop through the early 2000s, working with Black Star on “The Hard Margin,” another popular 12″ in the last wave of vinyl-only releases. This joint is indeed laid back, but creates an altogether different vibe for the famous single that helped begin Nasty Nas’ acceptance in the mainstream. This will be on Illmatic XX too…


What do you think?

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