Keep on Movin’: The Story of Soul II Soul

25 years ago, the U.K. collective Soul II Soul released Keep On Movin’ and changed the sonic landscape. Wax Poetic caught up with Jazzie B and Caron Wheeler to discuss the making of the album. Check out an excerpt and link to the full article below.


Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“How did you become involved with Soul II Soul?

Caron Wheeler: A girlfriend of mine was working with Pink Floyd as a session singer. She called me and told me that she couldn’t make the session for that evening. She told me she was going to be gone for two months, and asked me if I could take her place. I was working on vocal arrangements and writing to songs. Jamie Morgan recorded me on a song, and I can’t even remember what I was arranging or what song I was working on, because we were working on a bunch of different songs. Jazzie heard some of the vocals I laid down, and he decided that he wanted to meet me. He really liked the way my voice sounded and the way I was arranging the songs for Jamie. So I met him. When I heard the first bits of the album he had, I wasn’t impressed, to be honest. But I thought his ideas were really good, and the whole sound system thing was something I grew up with. For me, it was a part of my culture as an English Black woman. It turned into a working relationship. He asked me, “Could you sing on this, and could you sing on that?” I told him, “I might be able to, but I need to get paid.” I was supposed to be a featured artist and just come in, and then, go out. Jazzie chose everyone in the group by hand. He singled out everyone he liked. There were a bunch of other people and me that were apart of Soul II Soul, when we first came out.”

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