Look Back To An Ill 1998 Future Flavas Freestyle From The Last Days Of A Tribe Called Quest (Audio)

Heads may remember the late ’90s, early 2000s HOT 97 “Future Flavas” radio show hosted by Marley Marl and Pete Rock. In the glory days of underground Hip-Hop, this show bridged the gap between old school and emerging greats, with two legends on the boards, transmitting to the tri-state.

This past weekend, Grand Good posted a 1998 freestyle from A Tribe Called Quest stopping by the Future Flavas Show. Q-Tip, Phife Dawg, and Ali Shaheed were promoting The Love Movement, which over 15 years later, is widely considered the last days of A.T.C.Q. as a creative movement. Naturally, the trio (along with fourth founding member Jarobi) have toured and done various spot dates as recently as 2013, but the Jive Records vets never again released material as a complete unit.

The future was not so clear when Q-Tip and Phife linked with Pete Rock, who was a longtime affiliate of Tribe. Over some fresh beats, the two MCs came off the dome, in a smooth moment in time, that Heads undoubtedly will want to relive:


As OutKast does big things in 2014, will A.T.C.Q. ever give Heads the new music all members are so clearly capable of making?

BonusBeat: Check Q-Tip’s tongue-in-cheek Def Jam Records diss. Previously, Phife Dawg dissed Reggie Miller and MC Hammer on a DJ Cash Money mixtape in ’96. For a peaceful group, were freestyles a chance to get Heads out of the seat?

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