Here’s a Side of Kanye West You May Have Never Seen…and It Might Just Be the Most Authentic (Video)

Kanye West is celebrated for fashion, art, braggadocio, rants, Kim and, most importantly, music. What is often overlooked, and possibly the thread through each of these elements, is his formidable intelligence. Kanye recently sat on a panel at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity with Steve Stoute (Tanning of America, Translation) and Ben Horowitz (Entrepreneur, Author, Investor) about the nexus between technology and culture. It is the most subdued you will have heard Kanye in a while and it allows the insight that accompanies much of his discourse (on this panel and otherwise) to shine. It’s an hour-long discussion but well worth it, if you have time.

Credit: The Stashed.

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