Sway Tests Mistah FAB With The 5 Fingers Of Death Freestyle Challenge, How’s He Stand? (Video)

Mistah FAB is one of the meanest freestyle MCs in Hip-Hop. Appearing recently on “Sway In The Morning,” it’s abundantly clear that fellow Bay Area alum Sway is well aware of Fabby Davis’ lyrical capability. Running through some of the stellar guests as of late on the Shade 45 program, Sway turns it over to FAB, who calls some of the recent movers and shakers some “talented boys.”

Perhaps alluding to what a “man” is about, the former Mac Dre protege participates in 5 Fingers Of Death. Freestyling over five (especially challenging) DJ Wonder sound-selections, FAB handles some topic pop-ups from Sway, and then goes on (and on) afterwards acapella, for what be the best batch in the nearly 10 minutes of bars.

After this, is FAB the new master at 2014 off-the-dome spots?

Oh yeah, and in the freestyle, he deads (or confirms the squashing) of his reported beef with DJ Mustard.

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