Remy Ma Delves Into Details About Her Incarceration With Sway Calloway (Video)

Sway Calloway gives a powerfully heartfelt introduction for Remy Ma before their candid, insightful interview on Sway In The Morning. With husband Papoose in the building, Sway and his cohorts pry out the nitty-gritty from Remy in regards to her six and a half year incarceration which included a few fights (19:00), a little advice to inmates about the game (9:00) and waves of emotion.

To cope with the life changing event, Remy was lucky enough to have an incredibly strong support system that included visits from Papoose at every available opportunity during her first year (3:00). Over time however, Remy experienced bouts of loneliness. It would yet again be the support system that surrounded her that would help bring her down to Earth, but this time from the inmates themselves (16:00).

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During her six years behind bars, the Hip-Hop community also saw Lil’ Kim, Da Brat, Lauryn Hill, and Foxy Brown enter the system. Foxy would wind up in the same prison as Remy and despite their past differences, would lend a hand to Remy in her own way. Foxy, who already had founded a relationship with the man, sent the prison’s preacher to Remy’s side for words of encouragement and The Word (13:30).

When Sway interviewed Tupac after his incarceration back in 1995, Tupac revealed his lack of inspiration and drive to write. That, however, was not the case for Remy. Once Remy was able to get over the initial shock and realized that “this wasn’t the end of me” Remy got to writing (10:30), a few lines of which could have led to her upcoming collaboration with Jadakiss, Swizz Beatz and French Montana (21:30).

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