Souls Of Mischief Leave Em Panic Struck + Ali Shaheed Slated To Remix Whole LP (Audio)

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In just over two weeks, the Souls Of Mischief crew will release their album, There Is Only Now, produced by Adrian Younge. The looks keep coming though, from Tajai, Phesto, A-Plus, and Opio. Today (August 11), S.O.M drop “Panic Struck,” which finds some hard, confident rapping over sparse percussion and a flute riff that possibly belongs to one of Hip-Hop’s most beloved sampled albums of the last 15 years. Additionally, the record (rather coincidentally, as you read below) pulls from the same basis of A Tribe Called Quest’s “Sucka Nigga”: Jack Wilkins’ “Red Clay.”

“Panic Struck” has that elemental feel that resonates with fans of the early ’90s days of Hiero, when the Oakland, California crew redefined Hip-Hop’s map, and gave so many Heads an ample offering of grooves to relate to.


If that wasn’t enough, check out this alluded to nugget. While the Souls are on tour with A.T.C.Q/Lucy Peal’s Ali Shaheed Muhammad (now part of NPR’s Hip-Hop team, no less), the Queens, New Yorker is remixing all of There Is Only Now. The remix release first alluded to at Spin, is listed on the Linear Labs catalog page.

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