Talib Kweli BLASTS CNN for Skewed Media Coverage on Ferguson (Video)

Talib Kweli and CNN’s Don Lemon got into a very heated exchange on national TV. Kweli expressed a high level of frustration at what he perceives to be skewed coverage by the media of the events in Ferguson, MO, and the “narrative and language of the oppressors taking over.” Kweli mentioned several incidents that he witnessed firsthand which he believes CNN spun to shift blame from heavy-handed policing to previously peaceful protesters. When Lemon interrupted Kweli with a clarifying question, the interview devolved into a fierce debate about both what’s happening on the streets of Ferguson and interview etiquette. In the end, the 2 finished the conversation on a constructive and respectful note and agreed that the focus has to remain on the circumstances surrounding the killing of Michael Brown. It’s clear the tense situation has taken a toll across the board.

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