What Do You Think About Common Accepting Drake’s VMA Award? (Video)

Hip-Hop beefs, after they’ve been squashed, always seem to have an interesting denouement.

Following the jaw-dropping on-stage appearance between Jay Z and Nas in 2005 (and subsequent Sway Calloway MTV interview), the ultimate 2000s Rap rumble still has afterburners. Heads prodded at Nas, when as a Def Jam artists making critically-acclaimed, commercially-challenged music, Jay-Z was President of the imprint.

After Phonte and 9th Wonder reunited in the wake of Little Brother several years back, questions surrounding Rapper Big Pooh’s absence from the fanfare challenged the historic moment with searches for more tension.

Following Mobb Deep’s awkward 2012 short-lived break-up, including Twitter accusations, hacked phone alibis, and some harsh words between Prodigy and Havoc, many Heads are at a loss with a duo that sounds as they always have on this year’s The Infamous Mobb Deep benchmark release.

Some could argue it’s never really over.

The subtext was written on the walls last night (August 24) during the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards. Aside from Beyonce’s show-stopping (and show-closing) performance, one of the more talked about moments came courtesy of the “Best Hip-Hop Video” award.

Common, who just released his Nobody Smiling barely a month ago, presented. The veteran MC/actor used his time to show support of Ferguson, Missouri and publicly mourn Michael Brown (MTV aired their own message of solidarity in the following commercial segment). Moving into the nominations, Common read the list, including nods from Eminem, Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa and Childish Gambino. The winner, as it were, was Drake for his “Hold On We’re Coming Home.”

With Drake not at the event, Common, who engaged in a beef with Drake in late 2011 and early 2012, accepted the award on the former foe’s behalf. The two’s former disagreement stemmed from Common’s ex Serena Williams, followed by a series of lyrical jabs from each. The two have publicly appeared together, squashing the high-profile disagreement that shocked many fans of each artist.

Years removed from the issue, how do you feel about the VMA acceptance? Was the media being baited with a juicy story, or is this an awkward moment for Comm Sense?

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