How About A One-Hour DJ Premier Mix Featuring AC/DC, Heart, Rage Against The Machine? (Audio)

Heads who do the research know that, while DJ Premier’s sound has been at the epicenter of Hip-Hop for 25 years, Christopher Martin is a Rock & Roll Head to the fullest. With his older sisters sliding him wax of groups like Van Halen, AC/DC, and the Bay City Rollers, it’s little surprise that Premo finds the crispest drums, and illest guitar stabs.

Sitting in on Diplo’s Diplo & Friends Radio Show, Works Of Mart opted to bring his Rock crates. With a heavy ’78-’85 slate, Premier brought jams from The Police, AC/DC, Rush, Heart, The Smiths, Pink Floyd, and Rage Against The Machine. Towards the end, M.O.P’s new slammer is the ultimate transition to go from hair products to Louisville Sluggers, as Preem closes off with a stellar Hip-Hop chapter.


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