Suge Knight May Know Who Shot Him, But He Says “It’s Not Important”

Now released from the hospital following last month’s  shooting, Marion “Suge” Knight was interviewed publicly for the first time by the outlet who broke the August 24 incident: TMZ.


The Compton, California native discussed the event that led public response ranging from Chris Brown to Katt Williams. However, if you think the man who was driving the car 18 years ago this month, when Tupac Shakur was gunned down will start talking now, think again.

TMZ asked Suge who shot him, following reports ranging from a street-gang confrontation to one of Brown’s associates protecting the pop star. “Even if I did, I don’t think that’s really important, who pulled the trigger and who I seen pulled the trigger,” Knight responded. “I think that I’m doing extremely well. I’m happy to be doing well and whatever happens, happens.”

In classic Suge Knight form, the onetime music mogul and co-founder of Death Row Records indirectly answered a question: this one being, “why”: “I was shot inside the club and one thing my father always told me, ‘No matter what it is, you never give up,’” Knight replied. “‘You never quit if you start something, or you walk in a place somewhere, you walk in one way, no matter what goes on, you leave the same way as a man.’ I was shot and I think it was important that I wanted to walk and make sure I get to the right place to patch some of these holes up.” The “holes” presumably refer to Knight’s six bullet wounds.

The onetime Los Angeles Rams replacement player, a Lineman at that, waves off the six shots as being painful or threatening. “It’s gonna be some times when you might get in a few bar fights,” the onetime manager of 2Pac, DJ Quik, and. “It’s gonna be some times when you might get a few shots, but if you’re able to survive those shots, you’re supposed to make yourself stronger and be more positive and more aggressive of the people you wanna deal with, and that’s the page I’m really on.”

Check out the full Suge Knight interview with TMZ.

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