Did You Know Big Daddy Kane Produced Nearly All of His 1st Album? Kane Speaks (Audio)

Here’s another incredibly dope interview from the archives of Shawn Setaro, former Editor-In-Chief of Rap Genius and current curator of TheCipherShow.com. Early last year, he had a super in-depth interview with Big Daddy Kane–so deep, in fact, that Kane openly said no one had ever asked him some of the questions before. Kane spoke on a number of topics, including who was the father of his rhyme style (3:10), the difference between an MC and a Hip-Hop Artist (4:30), why Biggie didn’t make his top 5 list of MCs (5:00), how James Brown influenced “Set it Off” (9:30), the first time he worked with Marley Marl (14:00), why he once had beef with Erick Sermon (16:25), working with Dolemite (17:40), how he got his name (20:40), who produced his first album (22:00) and much more. There are gems here. Lots of them. Whether you’re a fan of BDK or Hip-Hop history, generally, this is a very worthwhile listen.


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