Common Leads a Troop of Artists Raising Awareness About Climate Change (Audio)

This is refreshing. In a throwback to times when Hip-Hop stood for something and spoke up for change, Common has teamed with Malik Yusef, Kumasi, Aaron Fresh, Choklate, and Laci Kay on the song “Trouble in the Water.” The song is part of a forthcoming project called HOME which seeks to raise awareness about climate change. It’s bigger than Hip-Hop…


Here is what People’s Climate Music had to say about HOME:

“Climate change is the most significant global issue of our time. Climate change is happening now, and people are already suffering and it’s only going to get worse unless we come together to make big change.

We can solve climate change if we all demand action. This is what People’s Climate Music and HOME is all about.

Together we can Heal Our Mother Earth (HOME) and fight climate change. Music brings us together and can inspire action.”

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