Kendrick Lamar Continues To Spread The Love With i (Video)

Kendrick Lamar continues his mission to save lives musically with the official video to his lead single, “i.”

Kendrick clearly understands the grasp his music has within the Hip-Hop realm and even more importantly, he understands that the people who listen to his music believe in it and look to him for direction. In his interview with Peter Rosenberg and Hot 97, K. Dot reveals that fans have personally expressed that the Top Dawg member’s music has prevented them from doing harm to themselves and even relieved them from the stranglehold of suicidal thoughts. With that knowledge at hand, Kendrick has taken it upon himself to continue that trend by delivering uplifting, lyrically driven content with his listeners in mind.

“i” is a track that plays a key role in this development and pursuit of audience conscious music. Just imagine the underlying psychological effect that a crowd full of people chanting the hook, “I love myself,” can do to one’s psyche. In Ab-Soul’s interview with Montreality, the Black Lip Pastor summed it up perfectly.

“It’s probably like the most positive song that I’ve heard in a long time, like you know, self empowering song. Cause you gotta think, when you’re an artist and you’re performing and you’re saying these words, that he’s saying “I love myself” right? So, if you know the words, you’re gonna say “I love myself” too. So he’s like making you love yourself… So, if you’re going to go to his show and sing along with him you’re going to be telling yourself that you love yourself. That’s when, you know, you’re taking responsibility for what you’re saying. There’s kids listening, there’s people that’s going through things that’s listening that could use these words to lift ’em up.”

Now that’s spreading the love.

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