J. Cole Says Capitalism is Like Paid Slavery and It’s Time for Change (Video)

Remember the Occupy movement and all the energy around the imbalance between the 1% and all the rest? As passionate as many in the country were about those issues, the protests at the time have faded leaving little more than a footnote. Whether it’s bills, family issues or just the latest episode of Family Guy, our lives are filled with distractions and real problems that often prevent us from making sweeping change and truly caring for those outside our inner spheres.

J. Cole addresses these topics head on in an inspired interview with Angie Martinez on Power 105.1. Sticking to the themes explored on his excellent new album 2014 Forest Hills Drive, Cole is not on a soap box. He is simply speaking his mind, honestly. He talks about the powerful effects of music (both positive and negative), his emotional performance on Late Show with David Letterman, how and why his lyrics about Eminem and Macklemore were misconstrued, the parallels between Hip-Hop and Jazz in terms of the appropriation of culture, how the capitalist system mirrors slavery and more.

As I see the protests around Michael Brown and Eric Garner already beginning to lose focus and steam, I hope Cole’s words resonate and the power of his and other music remains latent within us as we ponder and prepare to make real change. Check out the interview.

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