Premier & Royce Talk About Fighting Through the Hard Times and Being in a Good Place (Audio)

Here’s a deceptively candid interview of PRhyme (DJ Premier & Royce Da 5’9″) by NW3 Radio. After glossing over fascinating stories like Rock the Bells once offering Gang Starr $2 million to perform and Rakim once being arrested at a Royce show in NYC, the two men speak from the heart about a number of issues. Royce speaks in-depth about the dark mental space he was in while recording his album Death is Certain and Premier talks about fighting through having to leave his legendary studio space after 20 years of iconic sessions with Nas, Biggie, Jay Z and countless other luminaries. Despite it all, each is in an excellent space as they embark upon a PRhyme tour and the next chapter of their lives. Check it out.

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