GZA Freestyles, While Ol’ Dirty Bastard Beat-Boxes In A Bathroom In 1991 (Video)

In 1991, GZA (as “The Genius”) was on the same Cold Chillin’ Records that he would later diss on “Labels.” The future was bright for the Brooklyn, New York MC who was working with Easy Mo Bee on Words From The Genius at the time. Released in February of that year, GZA marketed the LP himself to mainstays like Video Music Box in the days that followed.

“Uncle” Ralph McDaniels was in on the ground floor with the Genius. He caught the raspy voiced MC alongside All In Together’s Ol’ Dirty Bastard…in a restroom. Two years before the Wu-Tang Clan’s bum-rush on the industry, they were already grimy as ever, evidenced in this newly-digitized footage. O.D.B. was on the beat-box, GZA spits that Witty Unpredictable. Just a great Hip-Hop moment that felt big at the time, but who could have known how big it would get, and how valuable this footage would become?

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