It’s Official. Jay Z is Under Attack by Funkmaster Flex AND Dipset (Audio)

Funkmaster Flex set the Internet on fire today with his ten minute tirade against Jay Z and his web site Life + Times. The site’s request for an interview with Flex opened up an old wound and the veteran DJ did not mince words about how he felt. Part of what set him off was that the interview request was regarding Flex’s involvement in the recently announced Dipset reunion. Flex claimed he had been told he could not spin Dipset records in the Atlantic City location of 40/40 in the past and took offense at what he saw as opportunism by Life + Times.

Now it appears Dipset is getting in on the action. They have released a freestyle over Puff Daddy’s “Victory” that has several very thinly veiled shots seemingly at Jay Z, even quoting a Beyonce vocal…Even before the release of the Dipset reunion mixtape, it is officially on. Check it out.


Do you think Jay Z will or should respond?

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