Joey Bada$$’s J Dilla & The Roots-Produced Cut Gets A DMX-Inspired Visual (Video)

With the Dilla Day spirit on high, Joey Bada$$ unleashes the visual for “Like Me.” This is his B4.Da.$$ showpiece, boasting production by The Roots and a posthumous J Dilla credit.

With the just-released video, it’s especially interesting that Badman quite obviously presents his take on DMX’s 1998 breakthrough video for “How’s It Goin’ Down.” It’s not a shot-for-shot recreation—and there’s no S600 wide-body Mercedes Benzes on blades, but the vibe is very much alive.

What’s more the police brutality, and the death of innocent bystanders speaks into the present national (and global) discussions of poor law enforcement and the value of Black lives.

With the special effects at the end, something at play in “Christ Conscious,” has Joey created a video series for B4.Da.$$ as cohesive as his album?

Here’s the DMX original:

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