MF DOOM Helps Cannibal Ox Make Proper Re-Entry (Audio)

Eleven years ago, MF DOOM linked with Cannibal Ox’s Vast Aire for his breakthrough solo, Look Mom…No Hands, through “Da Supafriendz.” In 2015, the Masked Villain reunites with the emphatic lyricist on Can Ox’s sophomore LP, Blade Of The Ronin.

This early glimpse from the March LP seems to capture the grit, and apocalyptic tilt of The Cold Vein, even without El-P on the boards. Vast and Vordul Mega are back in their respective chambers, with DOOM (keeping the MF in the listing, for whatever it’s worth) coming back into the sort of imagery and themes that made so many people drawn to reborn MC in the first place.

As underground New York Hip-Hop is kickin’ it bigtime on the charts (care of Joey Bada$$’ B4.Da.$$), is now the appropriate time to get back to the spit?

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