Missy Elliott Says She’s Spending Grammy Weekend In The Studio With Timberland, Praises Katy Perry (Audio)

One of Hip-Hop’s more interview-reclusive stars is Missy Elliott. While the last decade has afforded little new music from the Portsmouth, Virginia MC/producer, understanding why is even harder to gather, with the Atlantic Records artist shunning most press, despite her supremely approachable (miss)demeanor.

Deeply connected to Heather B, as well as Sway Calloway, Missy made a 15-minute audio appearance on Sway In The Morning this week. There, Elliott reacted to her Super Bowl performance, and subsequent sales bump. The multi-platinum vet admitted that she was as nervous as she’s ever bit to hit a stage, and praised Katy Perry’s generosity and innovative thinking regarding her guest appearance. Missy explained that since Sunday’s appearance (February 1), she has received an onslaught of offers, presumably for shows, as well as a seventh album.

On that subject, Missy expounds that she doesn’t understand the quantity-over-quality trend of today. Elliott continues this theme, discussing her era, its ideals, and refusal to ever sound like any other artists has made her career sustainable despite limited output. During the last 10 years, she admits to marveling at what she accomplished dating back to the late 1990s. “I go back and tell Tim, ‘What was you on? What was we on?'” Faced with the task many artists face of advancing their litany of hits, she admits “I don’t even know if we can duplicate that moment.”

On one bright side, Missy E. states that she won’t be attending this weekend’s Grammy Awards, but rather—working in the studio with Timbaland.

Maybe that seventh album is coming sooner than we realize?

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