Watch Marlon Wayans Give a Gut-Wrenching Portrayal of Richard Pryor (Video)

Last week, Mike Epps had one of the realest conversations in recent memory, with Sway, about the ruthlessness of the comedy business. As part of the discussion, he also touched on his portrayal of Richard Pryor in the upcoming biopic about the tortured comedic genius, directed by Lee Daniels (Precious, The Butler). Now, footage has leaked of Marlon Wayans portraying Pryor, in what may be an audition for the Daniels’ film.

Two clips are included in the footage. The first part shows Pryor in a therapy session with a doctor played by Omar Epps, and the second part is Pryor performing a stand up routine that draws on some of the themes discussed in the counseling session. The portrayal and things being discussed underscore the pathos that fueled Pryor’s penetrating humor. Wayans’ depiction is harrowing and, if he did in fact lose the role to Mike Epps for the project, it portends what may be an Oscar-worthy performance from Epps. Take a look at Marlon Wayans in the role.

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