Joey Bada$$ Joins B-Real’s Smokebox, Talks Artistry & Originality (Video)

Joey Bada$$ is the latest to join Cypress Hill legend B-Real on his YouTube series, “The Smokebox“. The concept is simple: they hot-box a car and talk as they would as artists getting to know each other, without a camera.

B-Real gets Joey to talk about establishing himself as a new artist and being able to help is Pro Era crew get off the ground (Cypress Hill thrived in this from Muggs’ original group 7A3 to Soul Assassins to Psycho Realm). They also talk about artistic direction, how an artist should be able to sound the way they want to sound regardless of which city they’re from (Joey is from Brooklyn, New York, which has an obvious rich history in Hip-Hop and also has a section known as Cypress Hill). Joey hints at an upcoming world tour before they get into his favorite marijuana strains, smoker culture in New York, and which city he thinks has the best weed. He also details an upcoming “420” show he’ll be doing on April 19, and gives some advice to the fans about being positive.

Check out the full video below:

Joey Bada$$’ debut album, B4.DA.$$ is in stores now.

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