Ka & Preservation Literally Get Hypnotic In Latest Stylized Visual (Video)

Brownsville, Brookyln MC Ka releases a new hypnotic video titled “Day 912,” which was followed by his “Day 0” and “Day 3” visuals that were released last month. With featured production from Preservation, where they also collaborated on 2014 EP titled 1200 BC , the track is a very personal look into the mind of the onetime Natural Elements member.

The video shows Ka and his hypnotherapist (who is played by Preservation) are in a counseling session. In a black & white edit, Ka becomes hypnotized, and the therapist asks the rapper to vent everything that is on his mind in a Freudian-like setting while laying on a couch. The sparse yet gritty video was directed and edited by Ka, and is in promotion of their new their joint project Days With Dr. Yen Lo. The Manchurian Candidatesampling teaser was released earlier this year, providing some huge promises that this next work will be like his 2013 The Night’s Gambit album, a cult favorite.

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