& Last Poets’ Umar Bin Hassan Bring Rap Back To Its Roots (Audio)

Last Poets legend (and MC pioneer) Umar Bin Hassan shares a canvas with Rap renegade of dead prez. The two oft-outspoken wordsmiths paint a vivid picture of the moral atrocities happening in America’s shadows. In their song “Are We Trapped,” the two touch on a number of our society’s sensitive subjects, from the candid presence of greed and capitalism to less discussed issues such as the possible extinction of bees.

Umar Bin Hassin joined Last Poets in 1969 prior to attending a performance of theirs that took place in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. Since then he has played an instrumental role in keeping Rap connected to it’s Spoken Word roots and is credited with being one of the founding fathers of Hip Hop music. Many Heads heard Umar on Nas’ Untitled LP, and Common’s G.O.O.D. Music-era breakthrough, “The Corner.”

Listen as Stic and Umar team up to give America one wicked reality check:

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