Black Milk, Daz & Do Or Die All Featured On An Electro-Hip-Hop LP (Album Stream)

On his new album Fundamentals, Onra craftily fuses French Electronica with mellow vibrations spawning from his love for ’90s Hip-Hop and R&B. The Franco-Persian producer merits the exclusive use of an Akai MPC in creating a sound that salutes the retro while fostering the futuristic. Hip-Hop Heads can look forward to vocal appearances from a wealth of skilled lyricists including, Black Milk, Chuck Inglish, Daz Dillinger, Olivier Daysoul, MC Melodee, Perrion, Do Or Die, Johnny P, Suzie Analogue and more.

Fundamentals is produced entirely by Onra and is available now via All City Records. Though the album is sonically electronic, the vibe it puts of is spiritually organic. Every track has the boisterous yet laid-back appeal of a ’90s summer-jam and is sure to have listeners relaxing and reminiscing. Peep the stream below and make your way to either Bandcamp or iTunes to purchase:

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