DJ Jazzy Jeff & Dayne Jordan Encourage Dream-Chasers To Go Harder (Audio)

DJ Jazzy Jeff and frequent collaborator Dayne Jordan recently shared a song, “Harder!!” Dayne was first heard on the Jazzy-produced track “All About The Art,” where he teamed up with other Philadelphia, Pennsylvania legends Questlove and James Poyer. Heads have seen (and heard) Jeff and Dayne Jordan work together and put a compilation up of all their singles that came out this past year, In Progress.

On “Harder!!,” these two offer an inspiring track to all the people out there chasing their dreams. The outcome is a record complementary of fiery rhymes from Dayne and crisp cuts from the legendary Jazzy Jeff. The Philly natives seem to both exemplify a great deal of harmony and fusion whenever they get together.

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