Even Ghostface Killah Thinks Action Bronson Sounds Like Him…But He’s Not Mad (Video)

Though the chatter has subsided as of late, for years fans commented on the striking similarity of Action Bronson’s voice to that of Ghostface Killah. While Bronson has clearly established his image now, he was often criticized for seemingly drawing from Ghost’s tone and cadence. As the world witnessed again last Summer with the confusion around Your Old Droog potentially being Nas, such comparisons are inevitable in Hip-Hop. In fact, in his early years, Nas, himself, was sometimes accused of sounding a bit too much like Kool G Rap.

Ghostface recently sat down with VLAD TV to discuss the Action Bronson similarities. In a comedic exchange, Ghost said the first time he ever heard a Bronson record, he actually thought the vocal was one of his own tracks that he had forgotten. He also details an exchange he had with Bam Bam the first time they met. He says Bronson was gracious and insistent that he was not trying to mimic Ghost. Ultimately, GFK’s takeaway was “if it’s his voice, it’s his voice…” Check out the video.

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