Finding The GOAT: It’s Complicated…When Someone Tries to Cheat the Voting.

Since September of 2014, we at Ambrosia For Heads have been hosting a conversation among countless Hip-Hop fans about a question near and dear to our collective hearts: Who is the greatest of all-time MC (GOAT)? More than anything, this was an opportunity to highlight the careers of hundreds of MCs and engage in some good old-fashioned verbal sparring amongst friends, family and others. As the rounds have progressed, the battles have gotten tougher, more fans have been engaged and the stakes have gotten higher. However, apparently there are certain folks who’ve decided to try to take matters into their own hands and rig the votes, thereby attempting to nullify the votes of the vast majority of you.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 8.44.07 PM

It saddens us to say that the last battle, Nas vs. Tupac, was compromised. After some suspicious activity, we looked into the results and identified specific offenders. Because our credibility and the validity of this competition being decided by THE PEOPLE (not a few persons) are of the utmost importance to us, we also went back and reviewed the results of every single battle prior to Tupac vs. Nas and, while we detected some anomalies here and there, we can say with great confidence that the results of no other battles in this competition were affected by any voting manipulations.

We have identified the issues that allowed for the last battle to be compromised and we are taking steps to address them. We also will be using a different, more secure voting tool to conduct the final 4 battles, which will resume this week. The next battle will be a re-match of Nas vs. Tupac and may the best MC win (honestly).

In the meantime, we’re deeply sorry this occurred and hope it’s clear just how seriously we take delivering quality content to you each and every day.

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