Finding the GOAT: The Final 6 MCs Have Been Decided By YOU. Who Will Be The 1?

Round 5’s polls have closed today (May 4). Although there was a late push, the definitive margins (and projected winners) held, by and large. With that, Ambrosia For Heads’ “Finding The GOAT” series has its final 6 MCs. The Round 5 bye (Big Daddy Kane) returns to competitive combat for Round 6, joining some fellow elite microphone controllers.

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Since Round 1 began in September, more than 200 MCs have been considered and millions of Hip-Hop fans have weighed in on who should advance through the rounds. Round 5, more than any other round, featured massive margins. That however does not mean that there were not surprises. Iconic MCs said goodbye, as close attention was paid to nostalgia, immortal rappers, and critical role-players from Hip-Hop’s heralded 1988-1994 run.

Here is a rundown of the final results, who’s moving on, and who’s eliminated:

Rakim over Mos Def 67% to 33%

Eminem over Busta Rhymes 81% to 19%

Tupac over Kendrick Lamar 72% to 28%

The Notorious B.I.G. over Redman 64% to 36%

Nas over KRS-One 62% to 38%

For the final rounds, the MCs have been ranked, 1 – 6, according to their average margin of victory across all of the previous rounds. For example, if an MC’s margins of victory in Rounds 1 – 5 were 68%, 42%, 34%, 84% and 73%, respectively, that MC’s average margin of victory would be 60.2% ([68 + 42 + 34 + 84 + 73] /5). This week will feature match ups between numbers 5 and 6 and then the winner of that match up will face number 4. Once we have our final 4, next week will feature numbers 1 against 4 and 2 against 3, with the winners of those two matches facing off for the title of the GOAT.

With this remaining field of legendary MCs, no result is guaranteed, so your vote is more important than ever. In the past, critical battles like The Notorious B.I.G. vs. Andre 3000 have been decided by less than 20 votes, out of thousands. Comments are highly encouraged, but don’t forget to let your finger do the clicking for the most deserving MCs. Only actual votes on the official ballots in the posts will count.

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