Masta Ace Discusses Sittin’ On Chrome 20 Years Later & How It Redefined His Career (Video)

Masta Ace sat down with Watch Loud to discuss the 20th anniversary of his album Sittin’ On Chrome, which was released on May 2, 1995. Ace spoke in-depth about the album and how it redefined his career. Specifically, he talked about his attempts to create a new sound on the album, called “Brooklyn Bass Music,” that would appeal to both the East and the West Coasts at the time. While he has no regrets about departing from the traditional East Coast sound of his prior work, he admits he did receive some criticism from fans in the Northeast. However, the LP would go on to become the best selling of his catalog, and he still tours extensively on key songs like “Born to Roll” to this day.

Beyond discussing Sittin’ On Chrome, Ace speaks about several key junctures in his career during the interview. He touches on his desire at the time to distance himself from Cold Chillin’ records, including wanting to change his name to “Masta Ase.” The Brooklyn MC also delves into the many facets of his life in Hip-Hop, from graffiti artist to producer, both under the moniker “Ase One.”

This is a fascinating look at a Hip-Hop great who continues to make relevant music to this day, both as a solo artist and as part of eMC. Check out the video.

Props on the spot: 2DBZ

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