Snoop, Pharrell, Nia Long and Stevie Wonder Do Some Soulful Time Traveling on California Roll (Video)

They say history repeats itself. So, why wouldn’t the future have parts of it that look like the past? We see this often with fashion, hairstyles and even sounds that seem to come back around every 20 years, give or take. There are films that have explored the concept, like Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Time Cop (1994), which depicted characters in the (then future) year 2004 wearing clothing from the 1920s. Now, Snoop Dogg and Pharrell revisit the concept with a trip back to the future in their latest visual.

The video for “California Roll,” off Snoop’s recently released Bush album, is a star-studded affair, featuring high profile appearances from Nia Long, Pharrell and Stevie Wonder, who is a guest vocalist on the song. The clip finds Nia on a theatrical ride where she is transported to a future filled with flying antique cars, pyramids, next generation smart phones and ancient Egyptian garb. Or…it could all just be a psychedelic trip caused by the inhalation of the second hand smoke Snoop blows through the screen into the audience. In any case, the timeless Soul sound provided by the Doggfather, Skateboard P and Mr. Wonder is an appropriate accompaniment for any era.

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