Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Brought Their Vibes To HOT 97 In ’96 (Mix)

Throughout the 1990s, DJ Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito The Barber shaped radio weekly. In doing so, from Columbia University’s WKCR FM signal, the pair would help introduce those within frequency range to Nas, Big L, Mobb Deep, Cenubites (Kool Keith, Godfather Don and Percee P), and plenty of other legendary Hip-Hop acts.

While college radio afforded Stretch & Bob the platform, corporate radio would take heed to the format, the insight, and the unrehearsed vibe that had Heads stayin’ up extra late, with tape-decks in tow. DJ Eclipse, a radio icon in his own right, was among those recording the shows. On February 11, 1996, Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito opened up their first HOT 97 (WQHT) show. Joining the ranks of Funkmaster Flex, DJ Red Alert, and Wendy Williams at the spot.

While the radio broadcast room changed, the playlist didn’t. Lord Finesse (who was promoting The Awakening) was the guest. A pre-Rawkus Records-era Company Flow, a Wild Cowboys-era solo Sadat X, various individual Def Squad cuts, along with relics from Large Professor, O.C., and Ghostface Killah can be heard. In crystal clear audio, DJ Eclipse captured the moment:


Revisit some radio history. Could HOT 97 and other stations benefit from more of this today?

Stay tuned for Stretch & Bob’s upcoming documentary film.

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