Tupac Shakur’s Final 7 Days Of Life The Subject Of New Film (Video)

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Tupac Shakur had an extensive entourage of close people in the last year of his life. Gobi Rahimi says he was one of the closest. Rahimi produced several of Shakur’s music videos, as well as directed “2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted” from the diamond-certified All Eyez On Me.

With camera in hand and Shakur close-by, Gobi—who was Shakur’s “production partner,” accumulated a lot of never-before-seen footage of the Hip-Hop superstar in 1996. In addition to filming Shakur interacting with his group, Tha Outlawz, playfully impersonating Rick James, and even driving his new Rolls Royce around Southern California, Gobi Rahimi was among those present following the September 7, 1996 drive-by shooting that fatally wounded Shakur. At University Medical Center of Southern Nevada, Shakur lived for six more days, before succumbing to his multiple shots—including one to the lung. In addition to Gobi, ‘Pac’s mother, Afeni Shakur, employer Suge Knight (who was also shot in the drive-by), and Tha Outlawz were among those present.

According to a crowd-sourcing trailer, that final week is the subject of an upcoming film. Upon funding the $300,000 he seeks through IndieGogo, Rahimi aims to produce 7 Dayz. Stressing that the work is “not a documentary,” the filmmaker aims to shed light on some of the issues surrounding ‘Pac’s life in his last days, along with those last hours of life. In the trailer, he personally describes an especially contentious relationship between the #1 chart-topper and his newly-inked record label, Death Row. He writes on the page, “A few weeks before ‘Pac was shot, I wrote the letter that Tupac signed, firing Suge Knight and his lawyer David Kenner. After that, the tension between Tupac and his label soared to new heights. ”

At present, the film has earned $4,625 in pledges. The filmmaker asserts that he has chosen to present this footage himself, rather than “sell it to the highest bidder.” Previously, a number of documentaries have come out on Tupac Shakur, some made by close associates present at his shooting, including late bodyguard/author, Frank Alexander.

Additionally, Gobi Rahami is planning to release a Tupac Shakur photograph book, His Life Through My Eyes on June 15. Other videos he worked on included “Hit ‘Em Up,” “2 Live & Die In L.A.,” “Made Niggaz,” “I Ain’t Mad At Cha,” and both versions of “How Do U Want It?” Beyond Shakur, Rahami has worked with Mary J. Blige, DMX, and Nine Inch Nails, among others.

Tupac Shakur’s murder remains unsolved.

What unseen perspective do you think can be gained from 7 Dayz?

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