Drake Makes Waves Of His Own As The Face Of Apple’s New Music Service

Today (June 8), the forthcoming Apple Music is not starting from the bottom. The electronics giant announced at San Francisco, California’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) that Apple Music is on its way—June 30 to be specific.


Moreover, Hip-Hop superstar Drake was on hand for the affair. Wearing a vintage Apple letter-man jacket, the multi-platinum MC/singer appeared on stage high-fiving Apple SVP Eddy Cue. Based on today’s proceedings, Drake is seemingly working with the tech giant in a brand ambassador capacity. The New York Daily News reports, “Unlike Jay Z’s Tidal, which prides itself in providing quality sound and exclusive content, Apple did not mention any exclusive content or partnerships with artists.”

“Focus on your body of work,” Drake said publicly at the event. “Instead of having to post your stuff on these different and sometimes confusing places, it’s all in one place: Connect.” Drake will be joined by OVO affiliate The Weeknd and Pharrell to work with Apple Music. Apple Music merged with Beats Music in 2014, a company tied to Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine, will.i.am, and Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor. NPR reported that “Iovine and Reznor both appeared in the presentation to explain and introduce elements of the service, which will include a live, ’24/7 global radio’ station and a social media-like feature called ‘Connect’ where musicians can directly upload content like lyrics, videos and photos.”

NPR also stated that Apple Music’s global 24/7 radio station will be staffed by widely-recognized terrestrial figures such as former BBC host Zane Lowe, and HOT 97’s Ebro Darden.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook stressed the value of diversity to the company to Mashable in the last 24 hours. “I think the most diverse group will produce the best product, I firmly believe that,” Cook said in an interview. Even without taking its values into account, Apple is a “better company” by being more diverse.

Apple Music has confirmed that individual plans are $9.99. However, families of up to five persons can purchase group plans for a reported $14.99.

The deal certainly makes a statement from Apple to its soon to be competitors, as well as Drake to his. Following a speckled relationship with Jay Z in recent months, does this further drive a wedge between the “Pound Cake” collaborators?

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