Large Professor Details His Role in Bringing Nas to the World on In the Scrolls (Video)

Though Large Professor brought the world Main Source, his solo works and countless classic productions for others, his greatest contribution likely will always be considered his role in bringing Nas to the world. As Heads know, Large Pro was one of the first to put Nasir Jones on a high profile record, with “Live at the Barbeque,” and he was a critical architect of Illmatic. In addition to producing “Halftime,” “One Time 4 Your Mind” and lead single, “It Ain’t Hard to Tell,” thirty percent of the 10-track album, Extra P served as a mentor and overall resource for Nasty Nas on the project.

Ever humble, Large Professor is not one to thump his chest about his accomplishments, but he flexes a bit on “In the Scrolls.” In his verse, he details how he became involved with Nas, name-checking Marley Marl. Still not making the song about himself, he gives the shine to Nas and raps from the vantage point of a proud mentor. G-Wiz joins the veteran MC/producer on the track and further enhances the story. Check out the video.

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