Noreaga Speaks on Why Eminem is a King of Hip-Hop (Video)

Eminem was recently voted by AFH readers as the greatest MC of all-time. Noreaga recently spoke in detail about why he believes Eminem is a King of Hip-Hop and why he’s been so successful over the years. In an animated discussion with DJ Vlad, Nore spoke point by point on Em’s impact on Hip-Hop.

The conversation started with Vlad playing Nore a clip of radio personality Star and Brand Nubian’s Lord Jemar having a spirited debate, with Star claiming Eminem was the King of Hip-Hop and Jemar vehemently disputing his assertion. In response, Nore listed several considerations about Eminem, saying he is “a King in his own right.” He spoke about Em being the first white rapper to embrace his ethnicity and discuss Hip-Hop from that point of view, in addition to his being the “dopest lyrical out there.”

Later in the discussion, Nore says that while Em has been more commercially successful, he believes Jay Z to have been more influential in Hip-Hop, saying that Jay is still part of the culture. The remark was not a knock on Em, but rather a statement that he’s become so big as to not be able to move with the people the way other artists can.

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