If OG Maco Has 15 Seconds of Fame, He’s Going to Live It to the Fullest (Video)

Recently-announced inductee of the XXL’s Freshmen Class of 2015 OG Maco, has released a new video for his single “15.” The Atlanta, Georgia MC, who also authored the intense club banger “Run Ricky Run,” is well aware of what his detractors think…he has 15 seconds of fame, and the time is ticking.

Much like a 2010s version of Mystikal, Maco uses a scratchy voice and aggressive flow to drive home his message. In little more than two minutes, he manages to touch on losing his brother and friends to violent deaths, trying to live life to the fullest during his window of fame, and balancing spending with the need to provide for the “next generation.” It’s a deceptively complex look at the life of and times of an emerging star who is fully aware he can take nothing for granted.

Fresh off of his mixtape of the same name, “15” succeeds in displaying his rise to stardom. OG is seen touring on the road, with home video footage showing his explosive performances.

The Quality Control signee exemplifies his climb of the ladder to success, through seconds of recent news and events about the rapper. The video shows flashes of OG Maco starring in ads and appearing on billboards all around the country among other accomplishments in his career. Through shedding light on the murder of his brother and friend Dale, and other ups and downs, the OGG leader “brings out the truth of why he is who he is.” Check out the moving visual here.

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