Ever See This 1999 Cypher With 50 Cent, Consequence, Punchline & N.O.R.E.? (Video)

Here’s a look back at a behind the scenes, true Hip-Hop moment between N.O.R.E., Consequence, Punchline and 50 Cent. The four MCs were gathered in 1999 and launched into an impromptu cypher over a Trackmasters instrumental. This was notably before 50 Cent’s 2000 shooting and showcases his delivery without the bullet-induced slur. In addition to the four artists, Kid Capri also can be spotted in the background.

While each MC rhymed with swagger, there were no egos involved. The camaraderie between them showed, as each cheered the other one on and genuinely enjoyed a true Hip-Hop experience. Though 50 and N.O.R.E. would go on to achieve more commercial success, it was Punchline who got the biggest reaction for his verse. Check it out.

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