Oddisee Takes an Introspective Look at How We Fit Into the World (Video)

From its release, Oddisee’s album The Good Fight has proven to be head and shoulders above many of this year’s releases. The Mello Music Group LP’s title applies both as a metaphor for Oddisee’s more than 15-year career that is reaching new heights and as a representation of the life themes covered on the album.

One such example of the project’s heady concepts comes in the form of the song “Belong to the World.” Oddisee says of the song, “‘Belong to the World’ is a song about making a transition from feeling like I didn’t fit in to anything, into understanding we belong to everything. It is a song about understanding that the world is bigger than the small things we want to be a part of.”In the video for the song, director Zack Kashkett works to bring those sentiments to life. He attempts to convey the senses of isolation and introspection we often experience in life with shots of Oddisee alone and reflecting. He juxtapose those images and sentiments with footage of Oddisee at one with nature and his audiences, to show that we are all a part of something greater, collectively.

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