Pharrell Shows That Freedom Is The Key To Universal Happiness (Video)

Pharrell makes statement records. Following the infectious commercial success of “Happy” through some difficult times socially, politically, and economically across the globe, the Star Trak explorer (now plugged into I Am Other) launches “Freedom.”

The song is built around rich instrumentation, and a strong piano. Skateboard P’s vocal delivery transcends the centuries in a visual message (courtesy of the veteran Paul Hunter) that speaks to enslavement throughout the ages. Whether in chains or wishing the best for your newborn, “the Greatest” fighter or a fashion design student, P recognizes the journey to liberty. The key to happiness is freedom, and can we truly be happy until each of us is liberated? Just as the case with “Happy,” Pharrell may have a song for the zeitgeist, that makes us dance, think, and feel—all at once:

Is this the anthem for the second half of 2015?

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