Scarface Has Been Recently Hospitalized, Willie D Comments

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In the midst of the latest Geto Boys reunion, Scarface has been hospitalized. The Houston, Texas MC icon was taken to area hospital following June 29’s Geto Boys concert in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Today (July 7), a representative for Sony Red (Rap-A-Lot Records’ current distributor) confirmed the reports. Beginning June 30, Scarface began accepting medical treatment in Houston.


The specifics of the injury are not public at this time.  Willie D publicly spoke in response to the reports, via the band’s Kickstarter page. “I am not at liberty to speak on [Scarface’s] condition, and wouldn’t even if I was, as it is a private matter, but I will say that he is in good spirits, and sends his love to all who have supported him throughout his career, and personal life.”

The 25-year band-mate continued, “Although I’m his bandmate, I’m also a Scarface fan, so I know it’s hard for you guys not having details, but I will try to keep you updated as much as I can without invading his privacy. Thanks and say a prayer for my homey!”

In his 2015 memoir (Diary of a Madman: The Geto Boys, Life, Death, and the Roots of Southern Rap), Scarface has opened up about his battles with health, especially mental health. The platinum veteran MC admits to suffering from manic depression and bipolar disorder. In the campaign for, ‘Face spoke at length about these challenges. In recent years, Scarface also lost what he has claims to be more than 100 pounds, for health reasons.

Currently, the Geto Boys are approaching the deadline in fundraising their eighth studio, Habeas Corpus. The trio of ‘Face, Willie, and Bushwick Bill have raised more than $31,000 towards a $100,000 goal. Ending on July 15, Scarface has publicly vowed to not proceed with the album, if the goal is not met.

Ambrosia For Heads will keep you updated.

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