Scarface Speaks on His Health Problems & The Fans Deciding Against a Geto Boys Reunion Album.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Scarface was hospitalized in his hometown of Houston, Texas. While touring with his longtime group, the Geto Boys, the platinum veteran MC left a date in New Mexico to seek medical attention. Speaking with Rolling Stone this week, ‘Face explained.


“I was really doing bad out on that road, man. Eating truck stop food. I put on like 10 pounds,” said the iconic rapper. “I need to slow down and really get myself back together before I even consider going back on the road with the Geto Boys again.” Specifically, the former Rap-A-Lot Records flagship artist said he suffered an pneumonia, believed to be from exhaustion. Further, Scarface said that after coughing up a green substance, he got an X-Ray completed, and found a spot on his lungs. The MC, who is currently a non-smoker, stressed that he hoped it was was from the pneumonia, as opposed to cancerous.

In the feature, Scarface said that creatively, he is focused on his twelfth solo studio album, Deeply Rooted. To be released September 4 on his own FaceMob label, this will serve as ‘Face’s first album off of Rap-A-Lot since 2002’s The Fix (the last time Scarface achieved a Top 5 chart release, as a soloist). In 12 releases, only two studio albums have been off of J. Prince’s label, responsible for discovering and cultivating the Geto Boys. Deeply Rooted will reportedly feature Nas, Rick Ross, Cee-Lo, John Legend, and others. Longtime producers Mike Dean and N.O. Joe will join the H-Town artist behind the boards.

In focusing on Deeply Rooted, Scarface buried hopes that the Geto Boys would release their first album in a decade. Touted to be titled Habeas Corpus, the first GB’s album off of Rap-A-Lot was the basis of a $100,000 fundraiser that ended this week. After one month, the eighth album from trio Willie D, Bushwick Bill and ‘Face raised just over $46,000, less than half of the desired amount. For the band’s biggest star, it is confirmation that fans are not as interested in the pioneering Gangsta Rap band. The news comes within several months of the Geto Boys’ late ’80s contemporaries, De La Soul, raising their goal of $110,000 in less than 48 hours, with more than $490,000 extra funds raised in the duration.

“In all honestly, I don’t know if that’s what the fans actually wanted,” Scarface told R.S. “I feel like if that’s what they wanted, then that’s what we’d be doing. . . . If talks of doing another Geto Boys album reappears, and that’s what the people want, make no mistake about it, I’m down with the people. But if the question was asked and there’s really not a great demand for it, then I’d much rather be producing my son’s album.” Scarface mentioned he has three aspiring artist sons. “Every few years [The Geto Boys] should tour. But I don’t know if that reunion is ever gonna be.”

Facemob added that he aims to follow Deeply Rooted with a My Lil’ Homies project. Like his two volumes of collaborative compilations, the H-Town legend aims to team with some of the contemporary artists he has influenced, a list that includes Drake, Freddie Gibbs, Stalley, and Wale, among others.

What do you think the $46,000 of $100,000 says about the Geto Boys’ future, or their fans?

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