Snoop Puts Lil Dicky to a Rap Test…and He ACES It Like a Pro (Video)

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Today (July 31), Lil Dicky released his debut album, Professional Rapper, and it is one of the most inventive and creative albums of the year. As fans have come to expect, the LP is filled with humor, irony and Dicky’s unique take on the world, but, most importantly, it is replete with masterful rapping from front to back. Since the MC born Dave Burd exploded onto the scene in 2013 with his hilarious video “Ex-Boyfriend,” which documented his insecurities about his girlfriend’s past beau, some assumed Dicky was more about jokes and novelty than rapping. While he is indeed a prankster at times, he is 100% dedicated to his craft and the proof is in the bars. When it comes to lyricism, Dicky is deadly serious.

Dicky addresses his doubters directly on the first full song of the album. “Professional Rapper,” the title track, is a concept record featuring Snoop Dogg, where Dave goes to the Big Boss Dogg for a job as a rapper. Snoop proceeds to put him to the test, taking Dicky through a series of hard-nosed questions about his background and qualifications as an MC. Dave runs down his entire resume, personal and professional, to show he has what it takes and how he intends to change the game…all in verse. It is a story and a statement, all-in-one, with a healthy dose of self-awareness. The visual for the song shows how it all unfolds, through the power of animation.

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