Imagine Losing the Right to Biggie’s Record Deal Over a Dice Game. Bonz Malone Speaks (Video)

Bonz Malone has one of the most distinguished pedigrees in Hip-Hop journalism. In addition to the screenwriting and acting accolades he’s amassed for films like Slam and Brooklyn Babylon, he is an author and has written for Vibe, Spin and The Source. After his stint at The Source in the 90s, he took a position as an A&R representative at Island Records, with the power to sign artists to record deals.

He recently spoke with Gasface and revealed two amazing stories about The Notorious B.I.G. First he discusses having had the opportunity to sign Biggie and the circumstances under which he lost that privilege. He then details The Source cover shoot that led to Big being dubbed the “King of New York,” explaining that before Biggie, that title did not exist.

It’s a power-packed two minutes about one of Hip-Hop’s most revered icons from a veteran with firsthand experience about how the history unfolded.

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