Joell Ortiz Joins Awkword, Wordsworth & More on the NYC Remix to “Go!” (Audio)

Veteran New York City MC Awkword has released a remix to his lyrics-driven single “Go!.” A single from Awk’s 2014 charity-album, World View, the original featured Atmosphere’s Slug, Joell Ortiz, Maya Azucena, and a beat by Domingo. On this stylized go-round, an Audible Doctor (Brown Bag AllStars) remix emphasizes the strong talent within NYC’s MC community.

This lineup reprises the host and the Slaughterhouse member, but welcomes 1990s underground vet Wordsworth (The eMC), as well as Aaron Cohen and K. Sparks. Audible, who is a Wisconsin native though a five-borough veteran lays down a soulful chop, with all five MCs describing their place in Hip-Hop, with that signature Big Apple self-assurance, despite plenty of personal obstacles.

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