What Was It Like to See a Boogie Down Productions Show in 1987? Press Play (Video)

“Rap is still an art, and no one’s from the Old School, ’cause Rap is still a brand-new tool. I say no one’s from the Old School ’cause Rap on a whole, isn’t even twenty years old. Fifty years down the line, you can start this, ’cause we’ll be the Old School artists.” KRS-One said those prophetic words more than twenty-five years ago on his classic Boogie Down Productions record, “I’m Still #1.” While he’s still got nearly another twenty-five years to go before he’s considered “Old School,” here’s a look back at a slice of Hip-Hop history with this vintage BDP performance.

The year was 1987 and, while By All Means Necessary would not be released until 1988, KRS-One would take the stage and rip through a medley of classics from 1987’s Criminal Minded and preview some forthcoming hits from the 1988 follow up. With KRS’ engineer Doc on the wheels, filling in for the recently fallen DJ Scott La Rock, Kris launched into “Criminal Minded,” “I’m Still #1,” “Stop the Violence” and “My Philosophy,” and it was all captured by Video Music Box.

For those who were unable to see the legendary BDP crew get down before their 1992 split, it’s a phenomenal time capsule.

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