Big K.R.I.T. & Raury Deliver Some Forbidden Knowledge & Issue a Wake Up Call (Audio)

Over the last few months, Raury has quietly been breaking down barriers in Hip-Hop. He has re-defined the notion of what Southern Rap is “supposed” to sound like and he’s embedded his music with deeper thoughts than those typically purveyed on mainstream radio. Whether political or personal, his moves have been accompanied with a message.

On “Forbidden Knowledge,” he and Big K.R.I.T. team up to combat some of the ignorance that has been all too present in Hip-Hop as of late. Rather than glorify sex, money and drugs, they challenge corporate greed and inquire about some of the nefarious “coincidences” we seem to overlook. “Who put the liquor store across the street from the gun shop?,” K.R.I.T. asks in a thought-provoking verse that also talks about distractions like watching TV that prevent us from paying attention to what’s really happening around us. Raury, for his part, challenges what he sees as an illusion of racial equality, saying “At first they want to keep us separate, but equal, but it’s not and so we fight against the hatred and evil. Now they let us think we got it and they’re killing our people. Why does history repeat like a sequel?”

These are heavy bars and heady food for thought…for those who are listening.

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