Clubhouse Is As Soulful As Mac Miller Has Ever Sounded. There’s Something in the Water (Video)

Throughout his 8-year career, Mac Miller has consistently shown himself to take risks. Whether it was radically re-inventing his sound and image or taking on billionaires and presidential hopefuls, Miller has been unafraid. His sonic spectrum has moved from pop, to psychedelic and now the needle has settled into a soulful groove with his latest release, GO:OD AM. One of the extra wavy tunes from that offering is his song, “Clubhouse.”

Mac has chosen the song for his latest video and he shows that while his image has changed, he has not abandoned his wry humor. The visual finds Miller in the midst of a full immersion…literally. The Pittsburgh MC is shown in a pool clubhouse interspersed with shots of a group of women doing aquatic dancing. Not one to let them have all the fun, by the end of the video he joins in on the action, executing moves with precision and flair. Well, at least flair…Take a look.

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